I am drowning again

The water closing over my head

Cutting off sight and sound

The deep dark surrounding me


The dream is continuous

It creeps upon me deep in the night

I can’t hold my breath anymore

I just want it to stop


Every moment the fear

Takes control of my life

Super critical Mom does one thing at a time

Can’t live life waiting for shoe to drop


Country songs say “How Can I Help You Say Goodbye”

Goodbye to a life I knew

Can’t let go

Want that life back


Crying all the time

But no one knows

Can’t let them see

Because we can do this, we have to


Little Angel

Already my miracle

Just goes away for moments

Want those moments back


Short as they are

I miss her then

I am frightened

How do we do this forever?


Breaks my heart

In little tiny pieces

She awakes and says

“What’d I do?”


Perfect angel

I love you more than life

And my tears will float us

To a better life