Seems the doctors may have been wrong in their initial diagnosis of my Grama. They were so sure it was pancreatic cancer. But now they are “sure” it is lymphoma. They are still awaiting more definitive results, especially to see if it is the treatable kind of lymphoma. Also a bone marrow test to see what stage it is. In spite of this, the oncologist is starting chemo today. He says if it is treatable, she should feel measurably better in only one week. If its not the treatable kind, well the chemo won’t “hurt her.” Cancer is never a good diagnosis, but lymphoma is miles better than the others, if it is treatable.

This is just in time, as the destruction this “not knowing” has wreaked on the family has even extended to me. This last week, I have thought things about people I love that are very unkind. It is hard not to get sucked into the fear, anger, and resentment that hangs over all of us like a black cloud of doom. Please dear God, help us struggle through this time and come out the other side with faith and hope.