As you read on my first post, I am attempting to perform an act of kindness each day. I am hoping this will change my outlook on life and set an example for my family. Day one was maybe not as much an act as I would have liked, but hey, I tried.

Day Two was even more difficult. As a bit of background: I live, by the grace of my crazy kind aunt on her property as a renter. Her son, Cousin It, is our landlord. There have been some difficulties lately and relations are extremely strained and came to head the Saturday after Christmas; however, nothing was settled except for the fact that I am still supposed to pay full rent although I have no bathroom because “you still have a bathroom, it is just across the property in Cousin It’s house and is inconvenient.” This (obviously) did not sit well with my family. End of back story.

I heard from Mr. Vixen that Cousin It was home sick from work today with the flu. Apparently he was up all night being sick. I scoured my cupboards and found one can of chicken noodle soup and some crackers. As I approached his house his auto light came on and as I stepped up his porch steps I heard him through his bedroom window (just above my head) say “Crap, what do you people want now? Why can’t you just leave me alone?” I continued inside (after all that is where ‘my’ bathroom is now located). I knocked on his door and quietly called his name. He pretended to not hear me or be asleep? I called out again. He answered. I told him I heard he was sick and I brought him some soup and crackers. He said no, he couldn’t keep anything down. I told him that was fine, I would leave them. He said no, he had some. I said ok. As I left out the front door, he then called out “Thanks anyway.” Not sure if he meant it or not.

I left feeling like this entire idea is going to be a failure. That I am a failure. As I have been writing this, I decided that maybe I was looking at it wrong. I thought doing these things would make me feel like I accomplished something. But maybe I was also expecting that it would make other people feel something also? Thinking like that might have me quitting this before I really get started. So, I am continuing on. My success will be just doing it. Nothing more, nothing less. Wish me luck 🙂


3 Responses to “This is going differently than I planned”

  1. I think you are tremendously brave to try such a thing. WOW. I admire your courage. Thanks for sharing your story, back story and willingness to engage.

    And the world is just a tiny bit kinder because of it.

  2. Harlekwin Says:

    Whether or not other people feel something by your acts of kindness is irrelevant, it’s what you feel that matters. Kindness is an esteem builder. Kindness can bring peace. Kindness can open doors and build bridges.

    Your situation sounds difficult, but it won’t always be your situation. Perhaps Cousin It has been acting like he has because he knows deep down, he’s in the wrong, but something is keeping him from making things right. Money, time, illness… who knows? People get strange when they feel pushed or threatened.

    Keep being kind, in the long run, you’re the one who will come out ahead.


  3. Shannymar Says:

    Well at least you can at least be happy in the fact that he’s feeling miserable…I know I would be after that.

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