I live way out in the country. No one around. It is quiet and peaceful. However, this solitary life style does not lend well to random acts of kindness. It is hard to be kind to someone if you don’t see anyone. Here are the few things I think count that I have done since 1/9:

This morning during rush hour, I stopped and let some cross traffic go. It didn’t really add much time to my commute and otherwise I imagine they could have sat there stuck for a long time.

Over the weekend I completed to of the three rewards from my Pay It Forward attempt. Halfway through the last one.

Not much, but I will keep trying. Unfortunately, my sciatica is much worse yesterday and today, so I can’t seem to think straight. And crooked thinking stymies my creative side and I am unable to think of a kind thing to do! Tomorrow I finally get to return to physical therapy, so I am hoping for clarity in the afternoon.


One Response to “Regrouping”

  1. I think you are awesome! Good for you for making the effort even when you don’t feel well. You inspire! 🙂

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