Jan 1st, 2008-Day One

My act of kindness today was actually an act of not acting unkind when it was seriously called for. We spend the day in Disneyland where remaining kind is already a humongous achievement. When Ladybug saw her very first ‘character’ (Goofy) she was very, very excited. She suddenly lost all her shyness and ran to him. I took her over and for a two year old she was amazingly well-behaved waiting for her turn. However, many adults were not. I hauled her back out of danger several times as adults shoved her aside. One lady in particular was literally screaming at Goofy to try to get has attention before the other kids ahead of her child who had been waiting (including myself and Ladybug). It was with joy that I watched Goofy gently touch her shoulder three times to get her to quiet and then motion for her to step aside and hold up a finger to say “hold on 1 minute until it is your turn.” Unfortunately, I do not believe that common sense or courtesy were her primary language. She shoved herself between me and Goofy and continued on. He turned his back to her. She hollered and stepped on my foot. She nearly knocked Ladybug over. As I picked up Ladybug she smacked me in the head with her wildly gesticulating elbows. I heard Ladybug’s Dad and Grandpa start up behind me. I turned and gave them a warning look. I said excuse me to the lady and stepped back. Goofy turned to me and motioned us forward. I said, “no, please let her go first.” He shrugged and did picture with her child. It wasn’t a quick thing either. She didn’t like the shots after her child was done and pushed aside the next child who had gone up and told Goofy to do it again. Eventually she left and Ladybug had her extra long (thanks Goofy) moments with him and pictures. I consider it a double act of kindness that I did not clobber, lol.


2 Responses to “Everyday Kindness – A Year Of Trying”

  1. MacD Says:

    Its ok, as an early birthday present, I killed her and buried her behind mickeys house

  2. she Says:

    i’ll be in disney world on thurs!

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