On the day that Nannygoat delivered JumpingBean, the UPS man delivered my new baby (drum roll please……….) A Canon Powershot Pro S3 IS It is not the D40, obviously. Turned out that for now, the D40 was just out of my price range. I still adore the D40 (don’t tell the S3), but this baby is perfect for me. Maybe not perfect, because I can’t figure it out….even with the book I think it is going to take about six months. Bear grabbed it in the labor and delivery room, spent five minutes twisting, pushing, beeping and clicking and is now a pro. I can’t remember to turn on the flash, so the ones I have taken are mostly blurry. I am special.

I am hoping I get better and this ‘point and shoot’ thing works for me. Otherwise, Bear will take pictures and I will take credit. Here are some she shot yesterday while I was working



She took a million more and they are good, but it is too time consuming to resize them to fit on here. Right now I need to go spend some time with S3 so we can get to know each other better.