Unconscious Mutterings

While I am at church…finally

Here is a peek at me from last evening.


  1. Money :: The root of all evil AND an ends to a means
  2. Unhappy :: Not anymore!
  3. Joking :: What I am usually doing
  4. Chipmunk :: Alvin
  5. Date :: Special remembrances
  6. Slideshow :: I see them in my head everyday, of my life
  7. Chicago :: Grampa. I miss you.
  8. Lifetime :: An achievement I am working on.
  9. Skid row :: San Francisco visits with Pop.
  10. Edward :: A King

Back later with some pictures of egg smooshing coloring by Ladybug!

I have updated the pictures for the last week over at my photog blog. Go forth, view and comment. I command thee (don’t forget to scroll down there are seven new pictures).

  1. Protocol :: Rules are meant to be broken.
  2. Girlfriends :: I have the best ones in the world. And I haven’t met a single one in person yet.
  3. Shoulders :: Mine are sagging.
  4. Coming home :: Pipe dream.
  5. Let it in :: I did and now I can’t get rid of it.
  6. Honor :: Some of my relatives have none.
  7. Tyler :: I don’t know a single Tyler, isn’t that strange?
  8. Thriller :: Michael Jackson. Bear put on the Bad CD today. Hadn’t heard it in years.
  9. Angela :: I don’t know a single Angela either, this is getting weird.
  10. The winner is :: Never me. (EDITED: Except for the time I won Rockin’ with Frigga– and a great book from Christine – thanks for reminding me!)

Today it has rained all day. I am just sitting inside watching the birds fight over the feeder and sewing pjs for Butterball while listening to old CDs.

  1. Mist :: Ocean breeze
  2. Eating :: I want lunch now, but it’s only 10:30am
  3. Beacon :: Lighthouse
  4. Speaker :: Nancy Pelosi
  5. Episodes :: I really, really want Heroes back. At least I have Jericho to look forward to!
  6. Conference :: All my kid’s went and grew up. Now I don’t have school conferences anymore 😦
  7. Sneak attack :: Commando Raids! (probably the only thing I miss about my high school years, lol)
  8. Medic :: so glad we didn’t need one Saturday evening when that car lost control and destroyed all the mail boxes (again)
  9. Web :: The rain rinses all the spider webs away and gives everything a new, fresh gleam
  10. 2008 :: It has to be better than 2007, it just has to


  1. Filthy :: Dirty, disgusting dog run
  2. Therapist :: I would have loved to become one, but I have too many of my own issues
  3. Duck :: I need to teach Ladybug how to play Duck, Duck, Goose
  4. Slant :: Uneven
  5. Artist :: Creating
  6. Lease :: Destitute
  7. Wish :: Unfulfilled
  8. Doormat :: What I feel like I am used as
  9. Global :: Peace needed
  10. Apartment :: Nannygoat’s home

New post up at my 365 Project too.