PhotoHunt 103: High

Moving by minivan/car takes forever. I packed threw everything into 1/2 a million 60 car loads and then stuck it everywhere and into storage. I am still, slowly, unpacking. This may go on forever till the end of times until sometime around Labor Day. So I had to go to the archives for this weeks hunt: High. Not having to worry if Mr. Vixen is going to climb up there again while I am at work is just another thing I will not miss about the concentration camp property. And yes, that picture only goes down to the top of a tree. That is how high up he is. Be still my rapidly beating heart.


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A new opportunity for me to blog endlessly

PhotoHunt 98: Wooden

So Mr. Vixen went out the the barn labor-a-tory* (he insists this is it’s new name) this week and tinkered (my word). So when I saw this PhotoHunt over at Sassy’s how could I resist? The ever handy Mr. V took this piece of wood. IMG_6332

And he put it on his turn-y, spin-y thing-y (it’s a lathe, blah, blah,blah) and then did some painting, grabbed an old light from a boat that was in the barn laboratory (left over from the previous owner) and created this little gem:IMG_6331

I am required by spousal demand to tell you he only made this lovely lighthouse at the teasing request of his eldest daughter When she saw this windmill that he concocted created from found stuff in the barn labor-a-tory*, and said “Geez Dad, you have too much time on your hands. What are you going to make next…a lighthouse?” I told you he was handy.
*pronounced by him as labor-a-tory like in Young Frankenstien