Wordless Wednesday Just Below.

(Edited: I am moving this to the top, because I need a third winner AND no one answered my questions!!!)

I have a question for you my adorable internettys with vast and varied knowledge. As mentioned on my last TT, I am not sleeping well. Part of it is stress and a large part of it is the goshawful mattress that I have. But I am not sure that the pain that keeps me awake is just the durned ol’ mattress. I have always had some problems with my back. I have mild scoliosis and every few years my back just goes kaput. Lately I have added some kind of severe hip pain to the mix also. (more…)

Things are heating up over here regarding the impending arrival of JumpingBean. Induction is scheduled for the 23rd, but I don’t believe she will wait that long. There are stress tests scheduled twice a week and the first one was Saturday. Jumpingbean was fine, but Nannygoat seems to be having some contractions. And last night the lovely mom-to-be lost her, well umm, this….. well, the….plug. We are not going go into detail because…well just because. And today? Well, today there are still contractions, but most amazingly Nannygoat is cleaning house. She hasn’t moved in the last 6 weeks except to eat and dispose of waste, so I am guessing this is that “last minute surge” of energy.

Thus, there is a chance I might get distracted from here in the next little while and because I might start crocheting baby things…I wanted to show you all I didn’t renege on my promise to get some squares done. I got these five done and with the six I already sent, well that only leaves 129 more to go.*sigh*

Go see Shelly and read all the updates and see if you can’t help out. Posting, crocheting, just passing the word helps!


Click here for more information on how you can make some little kid feel special:


Hey Ya’ll! (I am talking in my fake Texan accent because I was just at Shelly’s site and I do that when I hear people talk with an accent). I am here to bug everyone about the Share A Square Program!

I am committed to making 140 squares, now I admit I have only done 6 so far, so today I am going to get going on some more. But Shelly needs your help too! She needs more squares from other people so each child will feel the live of more than 40 different people. I know it’s the end of summer and everyone is tired and busy, but please, please, please take a moment and whip up a few squares and mail them to Shelly. Her mailbox was empty yesterday!

If you can’t crochet, post a button or a note and let the world know about this fabulous idea! Tell your friends and family (maybe someone knows how to crochet and you don’t even know it!). Help us show those kids all the love in the world.

You may now return to your regularly scheduled program (after you make a few squares and mail them to Shelly).

***Updated: Marlee is kind and caring enough to send some yarn, with notecards from herself and Noodle. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts. Anyone else want to help, shoot me or Shelly a note!***


Oh, wait…the internet isn’t here. Its out reading Harry Potter. Good. So you won’t notice my boring, homemaker status this weekend. Here are two more squares for Share A Square.

Please go and see if you can help. We want those kids to feel the love from 40 different people on each afghan! If you can’t crochet, I will teach you (its better if y’all come visit in person for your lessons) or you can post the buttons and spread the word!!!!! Do it, it is what Harry would want. Go on!


I have seriously beautiful children and grandchild, just gaze upon my lovely Bear and LadyBug, she loves for Auntie Bear to SWING!

and now that I have blinded you with the beauties that are my blessings and miracles. I am going to remind you about Share A Square

Get on over there and join us. Kids make the world go round, so let’s all get together and make these kids feels special. If you can’t crochet, put up a button or two to help spread the word.

I managed to complete my first two squares for the Share A Square project. Here is a picture:

Not much time either, first one last night took a 1/2 hour and this morning I whipped up the 2nd in about 20 minutes. Tonight NannyGoat is coming over to learn how to crochet!!! I have been trying to teach her since she was born, but she is easily distracted. These little squares are perfect for her so she can start to get a sense of accomplishment and kill time while she waits to pop out the jumping bean (only 11 weeks and counting).

Click the link and make some squares….share your love. If you can’t crochet, it’s easy to learn or ask a friend. If you know me I can show you how, or you can send me some yarn and I will make them for you!!!

  Shelly Kneupper Tucker is “searching for people with big hearts.”  Her goal is to build approximately 140 afghans out of donated granny squares for children with cancer and blood disorders at Camp Sanguinity. That means that she has to collect 6,720 granny squares from us to be able to gift each camper with their own blanket.

If you know how to crochet or are willing to learn how to crochet or know someone else who crochets or have a website and would like to advertise this worthy project, go check out Shelley’s pitch and instructions for participation in this worthy cause.

Thanks to Shmutzie for the buttons!