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I got this in an email this morning. It made me feel better.

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did” When God takes something from your grasp, He’s not punishing you, but merely opening your hands to receive something better. Concentrate on this sentence….. ‘The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.’

My plan for the weekend:

  • Get my grandmother’s mirror and sell the hot tub
  • Confession – for my sake. I have never needed it so badly
  • Coloring Eggs with all the kids (big and small)
  • Early mass
  • Presents for the kids (anyone got any ideas? It is tradition that it is something little and something for ‘springtime’ i.e., bubbles, badmitton set, etc)
  • Honeybaked ham, homemade potatoe salad (my mom’s special recipe)
  • Kicking back and enjoying the feeling that I have been liberated from an awful hell.

Please accept my undying gratitude for all your support, prayers and positive thinking. After much, much emotional pleading this morning, I talked the lady into giving me the place (well talked and paid an extra months rent). My Dad (also the salt of the earth) gave me all the money to get in there. I pick up the keys at 6pm. Macdougal and Funsize are already packing up their stuff and pick up their keys at 3pm. I don’t look forward to the actual physical moving part, but I have never wanted to move so much in my entire life.

My mom is home from the hospital! They think she might have (now I am going to quote her so don’t be surprised if it makes little sense, lol) “a hypersensitivity to some hormone that does something with salt in her kidneys.” I have no idea what that means, but my sister is going to talk to her doctor and get the lowdown. Apparently, if that is what it is there is a medication which will make her all better and solve all her problems. I am so down with that.

My aunt’s biopsy came back benign. Good news. I talked to my doctor and he thinks my thing is probably a cyst (which I had last time confirmed by ultrasound). He is going to get the copies of my last mammo and compare.

My power cord shipped and should be here Monday or Tuesday!!!!

Now, since you are all so powerful with your prayers and such….could y’all heal that crack in my tooth so I don’t have to get a crown? Mkay thankyouverymuch.

I found this excerpt:

You can’t be connected with God until you’re at peace with who you are. If you’re still upset that God gave you this body or this life or this family or these circumstances, you will never be able to connect with God in a healthy, thriving sustainable sort of way. You’ll be at odds with your maker. And if you can’t come to terms with who you are and the life you’ve been given, you’ll never be able to accept others and how they were made and the lives they’ve been given. And until you’re at peace with God and those around you, you will continue to struggle with your role on the on the planet, your part to play in the ongoing creation of the universe. You will continue to struggle and resist and fail to connect. — Rob Bell

If recognition of a problem is half the battle, then I am now halfway there…

Wordless Wednesday just below.

A favor to ask, it only takes a minute….

Please tell ten friends to tell ten today! The Breast Cancer site is having trouble getting enough people to click on their site daily to meet their quota of donating at least one free mammogram a day to an underprivileged woman. It takes less than a minute to go to their site and click on ‘donating a mammogram’ for free (pink window in the middle).

This doesn’t cost you a thing. Their corporate sponsors /advertisers use the number of daily visits to donate mammogram in exchange for advertising.

Here’s the web site! Pass it along to people you know.


I am not watching Jericho right now. I know this must shock and amaze you. No worries, I have the kids TIVOing it for me (I don’t actually have TIVO, but they do).

What, praytell (you are all thinking) could keep Vixen from the return of Jericho?????

MacDougal arrived with his fiance an hour ago and announced (drumroll, please)…………..

I am going to be a Grandma again!!!!!!!!!!!!

My first thought? Hey, so there was no permanent damage. And you know what? That was Macdougal’s first thought also.

Well, folks, here we go again. Woo hoo.

This story reminded me that so many have it worse than me. I was considering tomorrow, when the power will be shut off, how we will stay warm…and I found this story. It moved me and reminded me I need to trust that God will take care of me. Baby found amid tornado devastation.

“…..said the child was a reminder that people “should never give up, even in the midst of the worst storm.”

I will be okay. We all will be okay. I believe that.

I can’t believe I am doing this, but here goes:
Wordpress does not allow Paypal Donation buttons on their free accounts. I have a blogger account from some time ago, so I have posted the button there. It the link

Remember a little while back when I ran that Pay It Forward post? Well I have completed the goodies. Three very lovely ladies Shelly, Marlee and Frigga will become the proud force owners of these lovely scarves I made just for them (modeled by the very lovely Bear):

However, before we commence with the mailing of the goodies I need them to email me their addresses AND make sure they posted their own Pay It Foward Post. I searched and searched, but was unable to find Shelly’s or Frigga’s so they will have to show me where they are? Marlee was a very quick study and posted way back on December 12th, but alas no one signed up?!?!?! What is up with that?

I wrote a story, fact or fiction? What do you think?

My Wordless Wednesday is just below, do you think you could also pop over to my talented daughter’s WW also? 

I humbly ask that those of you who pray, would please keep Alexa in your prayers right now.

(Wordless Wednesday is below….just scroll down!)
Some time ago Claudia posted about her commitment to try and complete one act of kindness each day:

Starting January 1, 2008, I will do one act of kindness a day. I’m not talking big. I’m not talking flashy. I’m talking about small gift of kindness in my own community.

I would love it if you joined me. We are in desperate times. People are struggling financially, emotionally, and spiritually. They need a kindness.

Together, we can make a difference in this world.

I though this was a wonderful idea to incorporate into my own daily life (well I was already participating in NOWACOTID over at WackyMommy‘s). Mostly because in my life right now there is much personal strife with some members of my family (most notably the ones upon whose property I reside) and I could see my family (myself included) falling into a horrible spiral of angry thoughts and sayings It disturbed me.

So I agreed to participate. It’s not too late if you wish to join us. She has created a site where we can share and support each other at Everyday Kindness

In spite of the fact that she sent me a lovely little email reminder, I forgot to post yesterday. So today’s post will include yesterday and today. I have decided to create a page for this called Kind Efforts. If you decide to join us in this effort or if you wish to keep track of my success (or lack of 🙂 ) just click on the page up there daily. If you wish you can maybe even give me words of encouragement, wisdom, or share with me your daily attempts!

PS: My Thursday Thirteen may be late tomorrow….because tomorrow is MY BIRTHDAY!

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