Remember a little while back when I ran that Pay It Forward post? Well I have completed the goodies. Three very lovely ladies Shelly, Marlee and Frigga will become the proud force owners of these lovely scarves I made just for them (modeled by the very lovely Bear):

However, before we commence with the mailing of the goodies I need them to email me their addresses AND make sure they posted their own Pay It Foward Post. I searched and searched, but was unable to find Shelly’s or Frigga’s so they will have to show me where they are? Marlee was a very quick study and posted way back on December 12th, but alas no one signed up?!?!?! What is up with that?


I was quite surprised to find that Jos bestowed upon me the following award:
for my Wordless Wednesday efforts. So far I have been able to post only my own pictures for WW and share a bit of myself and stretch my creative juices.

In return, I would like to award this accolade to a couple of people who’s blogging efforts inspired me in 2007, my first year of blogging.

Mrs. Eaves at Camera Shy: She posts pictures every single day and they inspire me tremendously. If I could take one picture a week as well as she does every day, I would feel graced.

I would also award AT at AtomicTumor but I know he would never accept it, lol. But without his inspirational efforts I wouldn’t have had the guts to start my own.

Mishelle at SecretAgentMomma. She really inspires me with her self portraits. I keep working at it and someday if I get one half as nice, I will post it.

Sumgirl inspires me with her wit, humor and the loving, insightful and caring way she deals with her son Bubba’s differences. I can only hope I am able to address Ladybug’s newly found difficulties with the same amount of balance and intelligence.

WackyMommy‘s efforts to change her world; her activism, fearless outspokenness, and efforts to make her childrens’ world a better place make me want to stand up and fight in all the right ways. She is also funny and witty.

Mallory‘s struggles to do what is best for her family and still be the best daughter/caretaker in the world are inspiring. She succeeds so well as a mom and a daughter, it makes me proud she deems me worthy of her friendship.

Every single person on my blogroll to the right inspired me. Some of them already have the award, but I want you each to know: To get on the list you had to have inspired me and I appreciate each and every one of you. Without all you, I wouldn’t still be here.

Here’s to an inspirational and rewarding 2008.

I have created a list of inspirational Wordless Wednesday participants up above under More Links. Check them out!

The battle extraordinaire between me and Jenn is heating up. She still has the lead and she has more internet friends than I, so I need all your votes. Head on over to Frigga‘s and VOTE FOR ME HERE

Love to All

Thursday Thirteen below.

Wordless Wednesday Just Below.

(Edited: I am moving this to the top, because I need a third winner AND no one answered my questions!!!)

I have a question for you my adorable internettys with vast and varied knowledge. As mentioned on my last TT, I am not sleeping well. Part of it is stress and a large part of it is the goshawful mattress that I have. But I am not sure that the pain that keeps me awake is just the durned ol’ mattress. I have always had some problems with my back. I have mild scoliosis and every few years my back just goes kaput. Lately I have added some kind of severe hip pain to the mix also. (more…)

Can you believe this…..????

She is killing me and yet, she challenges her bazillions of readers to beat my three…. oh wait. That will work.

I love you Jenn.

Poor Frigga getting all this link love over a roller coaster. If any of you three lovelies (yes, I called you lovely!) hasn’t voted for me, well go now and go quickly. Send friends.

I am sitting here, listening to Christmas music on the surround sound, gazing at my lovely tree (now we have tinsel, thanks Bear and MacD!!!) The snowman on the fireplace has been replaced by a baby doll and its bottle, there is a purple crayon in the middle of my heirloom creche and one of the sheep has made its way to the pantry. It doesn’t get any better than this. Here is a gratuitous artsy fartsy tree pic:

Everyone head on over to my 365 Project for a few more pics from tonight (and previous dates that you all forgot to go visit…I know you don’t always comment, but I have seen the stats you are not visiting!!!).

Now for the really important stuff….Head on over to Frigga’s and VOTE FOR ME because I am all competitive like that and Sandy Carlson from Writing In Faith is tied with me. Now I love Sandy and her writing, but seriously you all can’t tell me that a “buttered ear of gourd with a nice flatulent slice of watermelon and a big bottle of cold pinot noir” is not 100% tastier than a “buttered ear of banana with a nice over-ripe slice of watermelon and a big bottle of cold soda”. Don’t deny your taste buds, go vote. I am number 12, in case you were wondering. Come on…I have Klingons.

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