During my perusal of sites today, I found ReadWritePoem. I discovered April is National Poetry Month. I loved poetry as a kid. I loved all things to do with English, but Creative Writing was my favorite class. As an adult I worked for 10 years as a medical transcription proofreader. All that structure, the rules, I thrived on it. Now as I approach my golden years (har, har), I find myself like a child again and in love with poetry. The freedom, the creativity. There are poems with rules and poems without. Whatever you feel, whatever you need at that moment, you are free to choose your path. So I am taking a leap. A leap of tremendous proportions for me. In the past, the moment I commit to anything something else will come along and distract me or consume me. It’s a little familial curse we like to call being Farkle. Sometimes this curse stops me from committing to things just for the fear of what may happen. I am, however, currently Mad as a Hatter and will flaunt caution to the wind. I have decided to participate in NaPoWriMo this month. An attempt to write a poem a day for one month. Mr. Vixen thinks I am suffering from a marble deficiency and I am okay with that. I never liked playing marbles anyway.

Coal burns beneath you to warm
Charcoal markings on Santa
Columns of smoke you produce
Cheating the cold of its bite
Curling flames embrace your sides
Creating an ambiance
Cold winter days kept at bay
WooHoooo. Not only did I do it from the first prompt, but I tried a new poetry form I have never used (or heard of before)! That, my friends was a Pleiades. I didn’t think I could do it: 7 lines of 7 syllables all starting with the same first letter of the title. Day one: over and out. I am taking my marbles home now. See you tomorrow.