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Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is HEADS – Anything that starts with the letter P.

I am late, late, late to the party today! Posting has been particularly problematic since I am a plebeian. I am out of P words that fit into this post (except for that one). So here are some idioms that start with the letter P.

  • pad the bill
  • pain in the neck
  • paint oneself into a corner
  • par for the course
  • pass the buck
  • pay through the nose
  • penny-wise and pound-foolish
  • people who live in glass houses should not throw stones
  • pick someone’s brains
  • piece of cake
  • pig in a poke
  • pinch pennies
  • pipe dream
  • play one’s cards right
  • play with fire
  • pot calling the kettle black
  • pour oil on troubled waters
  • promise the moon
  • pull a fast one
  • pull someone’s leg
  • put one’s foot in one’s mouth
  • put the cart before the horse