From someone who probably should not give advise. Here goes anyway:

Dear Children Of Vixen:

You should trust me when I say finish college right after high school. Don’t get distracted by making some money, or getting married, or having a kid or three. Finish college first. Prime example: This guy, Rex Walheim, and I went to school together. We both got great grades. We both graduated from San Carlos High in 1980.  Today he is preparing for his launch February 7th via Atlantis (STS122) for a trip to the International Space Station, while I am preparing onion dip. Just think about that. I mean, I admit my onion dip is good, but still.




Dear Internet Reader:

To whoever found my site by G00gling “diabetic penis turns black” please stop G00gling and get thyself immediately to the hospital.


Vixen and, most emphatically,  MacDougal