I know what needs to happen. I am just unable to make it happen right now. I will find another place to live (actually I already have, but without Mr. Vixen’s SSDI check I can’t get in or afford it for now, so that will be on hold but a constant hope). I have a few requirements:

  • A working toilet (or maybe 2)
  • Heat
  • Safe and adequate electricity (MacDougal was without power for two days and the off-the-record guy who did the temporary fix said it is wired wrong. They are not going to fix it, just demanded that he use less power. It is a fire hazard)
  • It will be a ‘legal’ rental, so that if there are issues I have recourse
  • A landlord/lady who is not related to me , most especially not one who is married to the reason my sister and I are survivors of child sexual abuse.

Not much to ask, I think, and all except the last one are required by law anyway.

In the meanwhile, how do I survive the stress? Increased stress directly affects my blood sugar levels and health issues directly affect my stress level. So I will concentrate on trying not to let myself get stressed out. I do that best with action. Physically I am not able to take on a second job right now. My dear friend Mal suggested making some of those hats and try to sell them. I think that is a great idea, they are fast, easy, and my mom brought me two oversized trash bags full of yarn at Thanksgiving from a friend who’s mother had passed away. I also have some other cute things I could try (maybe little dog sweaters or some baby sweaters if there is some baby yarn). That will keep me a little busy and make me feel like I am accomplishing something. Who knows maybe even I can make a buck or two to pay for copays.

Continue physical therapy and the home exercises she gave me. Yes this costs me $20 a week, but it is very worth it. Now I can sleep most nights or at least sleep more. I need it so I don’t miss anymore days off work without pay like last week. That really hurt the paycheck on Friday.

I found a bunch of sites for recipes of good food that are inexpensive and some ways to further stretch my food dollar. I tried for some TANF or Food Stamps, but I don’t qualify. Ha, ha I make too much money, sure right.

I am going to go out and just take some pictures. It stokes my creative juices, is free, and I enjoy editing them in GIMP. Someone (sorry I can’t remember who) told me to look up tutorials on Utube. That is awesome. Its like taking a free class. I can’t wait to try some stuff out.

So that is it for Saturday. Who knows what Sunday will bring.