‘Allo, ‘allo fellow Heads Or Tails amigos. If you don’t play, please visit Skittle’s Place for the who, what, where and when…

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, TAILS – Who would you like to meet and why?

This got me all contemplative and thoughtful…oh, brain freeze! I went into history; famous artists, geniuses, writers, politicians. You know, people who shaped the world we live in. None of them, shall we say, inspired my thought processes.

Then I asked for cues from Mr. Vixen and Sparkles ( we are still meeting for Heroes night even though there is no Heroes and we desperately try to entertain each other). Something Sparkles AND Mr. Vixen combined, set the spark, and VOILA:

I would like to meet my Grandpa Ernie. Now, it is true that I have already met him. But the last time I saw him he was in a coma and I was eight. He had just had surgery for a brain tumor. He never recovered and passed away a few days later. He is my paternal grandfather. My paternal grandmother lived until I was 32 and I knew her pretty well. I would like to spend a couple days talking to Grandpa Ernie. I am pretty sure my Dad got a lot of the qualities I admire most about him from Grandpa Ernie. The stories just aren’t enough to satisfy my curiosity. I want to talk to the man in person as an adult. I know we would hit it off and I would love to see in person his wit, intelligence and strength. He would be a vast wealth of information about the world in a different time and life growing up in England and Canada. He could give me ‘dirt’ on my Dad so I could raz him. I would like to share with him my husband and kids, and let him know I carried on that hard-work ethic he ingrained in my Dad and indirectly in me. I could thank him for raising one of the greatest father’s on the planet. I could thank him for that time he came and sat at the end of my bed and told me everything was going to be okay, how much it meant to me and still touches me today. I would like to say, I love you and I miss you, Gramps.