‘Allo, ‘allo fellow Heads Or Tails amigos. If you don’t play, please visit Skittle’s Place for the who, what, where and when…

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, HEADS – Any of the five senses (Hear, Touch, Smell, See, Taste).

Woo hoo. I just stayed up late writing and then posted, only to find I had done next weeks cue. Ah well. I am determined and will now try and do this weeks cue and still get a few hours sleep before work.

She heard the rain before she went out the door, a gentle pitter patter on the roof. As she closed the door behind her it become a downpour and swooshed in upon her eardrums. Unable to locate her umbrella, she dashed across the yard towards her car. She could feel the rain soaking through her sweater as she ran. She saw the puddle too late, her foot planted deep in it and the water splashed up her leg. She laughed. This was just like being six again. The rain released the scent of citrus from the grove beside her house and she stopped to inhale deeply. It reminded her of another childhood folly and she tilted her head back. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth. The drops tasted of rainbows and unicorns and for a moment she was transported to a simpler time. She shook her head to release some of the damp and dove into the front seat of her car. She cranked the heat up to high and felt it start to penetrate through her clothes and into her damp bones. That was fun, she thought. She started the car, shook her head once more, and drove off to work.