Salutations readers and fellow TT participants. In honor of the caucuses and primaries being held around the United States, this weeks entry is a Totally Interactive Thursday Thirteen (TITT). Please participate by entering your votes in the comment section and I will post the results on Friday.

  1. Men in turtlenecks, yea or nay?
  2. Roger Moore as James Bond, yea or nay?
  3. A stirrup pants come back, yea or nay?
  4. Is Britney Spears newsworthy, yea or nay?
  5. Hillary Clinton as president, yea or nay?
  6. Do you think your presidential vote will count, yea or nay?
  7. Reality TV, yea or nay?
  8. Do debates influence your vote, yea or nay?
  9. Seat belts on school buses, yea or nay?
  10. Was there a President Kennedy assassination conspiracy, yea or nay?
  11. Pioneer Woman’s new puppy or Dooce’s new puppy, choose one. (EDIT: If you click the links you will see a photo of their Xmas puppies)
  12. Watch the Superbowl just for the commercials, yea or nay?
  13. Do you trust network news, yea or nay?

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