1. Mist :: Ocean breeze
  2. Eating :: I want lunch now, but it’s only 10:30am
  3. Beacon :: Lighthouse
  4. Speaker :: Nancy Pelosi
  5. Episodes :: I really, really want Heroes back. At least I have Jericho to look forward to!
  6. Conference :: All my kid’s went and grew up. Now I don’t have school conferences anymore šŸ˜¦
  7. Sneak attack :: Commando Raids! (probably the only thing I miss about my high school years, lol)
  8. Medic :: so glad we didn’t need one Saturday evening when that car lost control and destroyed all the mail boxes (again)
  9. Web :: The rain rinses all the spider webs away and gives everything a new, fresh gleam
  10. 2008 :: It has to be better than 2007, it just has to