I wish I had decent video when my kids were young. They did the silliest stuff that only we, as parents, could appreciate. In the ‘olden’ days (as the kids call it) there was no digital video. The only video we got of the kids was VHS and I mean FULL SIZE VHS TAPE RECORDERS, which meant that the recorder was the size of a professional movie camera. Up on my shoulder, a 35 pound monolith. There was no quick ‘grab a shot’ in those days.

Lloyd, my son in law, got a little, teeny, tiny digital video recorder for Xmas and caught the G-babes on tape yesterday. I find both recording enthralling, enlightening, fascinating and enjoyable! You may not. However, I also find it fascinating that both recordings were like deja-vu for me; as each of them reminded me of an exact moment with their mother or their uncle, that was so nearly identical I was 21/24 again.