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Thirteen Things I have done since my power cord died:

  1. Sewed the g-babes Christmas pajamas (pics below) and read them The Night Before Christmas.
  2. Enjoyed a movie (I Am Legend) with Mr. Vixen and Sparkles yesterday. Great show.
  3. Discovered the joy of Wii. I had no idea it was so fun. One night we all played bowling and boxing until 3am!!!!
  4. Cooked the best standing rib roast and yorkshire pudding I have ever made and I have made 25 of them. Not sure why this one was so good, but yum, yum, yum.
  5. Took 235 pictures Christmas morning. Yea, I know, overkill. But the new 2gig card was screaming to be filled.
  6. Swept up more pine needles than I thought possible. This tree just keeps on giving.
  7. Listened to 675 hours of holiday music.
  8. Wrapped 30 presents.
  9. Slept in on Christmas day for the first time in 23 years!
  10. Laughed until my sides hurt.
  11. Braved W*lmart and Costc* on Christmas Eve. Seriously stupid on my part.
  12. Gorged myself on Honeybaked Ham and potatoes supreme.
  13. Tried not to pick up my laptop more than 600 times a day, only to realize it’s battery is dead.

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