I wish you all a very, very Merry Christmas. Just a quick entry here because God is Great and Jesus is the reason for the season:

As followers know, Ladybug had some issues at birth and some issues this past summer. For a beautiful little girl who is four months short of three, her language is significantly statistically behind her age group. She is scheduled to begin speech therapy in January. She talks to us non-stop, however, we only can get a few words here and there and they are mostly guesses which she corrects if we are wrong. Not many sentences. And never sentences strung together. But today she stopped in a room full of people and toys and excitement and said:

“Tank u Momma. Tank u Santa. Thi’s awesome!”

It was the most beautiful sound we have ever heard. God Bless you all and I hope your day was just as amazing!!!

PS: The “awesome” was said with such a distinct Jersey accent we were very confused, since she was born and raised in SoCal. It just made it all the more adorable.