Hope to possibly have a HorT up tomorrow, hope springs eternal. For now you get bullets:

  • After I took the Flexeril on Friday night, I fell asleep in my chair by 7:15 and at 8:00 woke up and went to bed. Didn’t wake until 8am Saturday.
  • The long, hard sleep seemed to help because I didn’t have much problems on Saturday, only having to take ibuprofen.
  • Saturday evening after dinner, Cousin It dropped a bomb on us about what Mr. Vixen does around the property (he was getting paid for all the maintenance and now won’t be, plus he won’t get paid for what he already did). There was a slightly big blowout and now none of us are speaking. I still owe half the rent (was supposed to pay on Friday), but we decided to hold it and when he asks for it, we will tell him we aren’t paying anymore rent until we have a toilet in our home. It is the law after all (as is providing heat, but one battle at a time). But that could go bad (note: take my word, never enter a business deal with family even if you are going to be homeless).
  • Sunday evening my work Christmas party was a wonderful cruise on the harbor during The Parade of Lights (all the boats dress up in lights and parade around the bay). The food was fabulous.
  • The phone number the Transit (bus) gave to me and my insurance? It goes nowhere. Now I have to get a copy of the police report and see if they got a good number. They better not try to pull any shit, I will get a lawyer and they will pay a lot more than they would have too.
  • Most importantly, the reason you get bullets and not much more????? My power cord died again!!! I have only owned the laptop since Xmas day last year and this is my second one. I am not happy.