Our heroin heroine is reclining in her chair trying valiantly to keep her eyes open when she overhears the following conversation:

Mr. Trapezoid (winking at the girl next door): “Hey Nancy-neck, I’ve got a par-tay going on over here…a celebration to last throughout the years. You wanna par-tay?

Nancy-neck (playing coy): “I don’t know, Trappy, you got anything fun going on?”

Trappy, “Oh, girl I totally got it goin’ on….we are SPASMING over here.”

Nancy-neck nearly swoons, “You got enough spasm for me?”

Trappy, “Yo-yo Nan, we could spasm together. You get my drift? We can make it so she can’t turn her head to the left!”

As Trappy and Nancy-neck are getting their spasm on, they don’t notice the officer approaching. Lt. Flexeril, tosses Nancy-neck aside and quickly subdues and handcuffs Trappy. He looks deep into Trappy’s eyes. “Dude,” growls Lt. Flexeril “no one spasms on my street.”

The End