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Welcome all and fellow Thirteeners,

Last week I did 13 things I need and this week, as promised,

13 Things Vixen Wants

  1. Stability. I want my family to feel stability. To know that we live in a place where we are safe, secure and comfortable. I want stability. To sleep at night knowing that things may not always be great, there will be difficulties, but we will know where our next meal will come from and that we can live in the comfort that others may take for granted (like a toilet OR heat when it is 34 degrees outside).

  2. Health. I need for my health to be more equalized. And that of my family. Just a little down time from the extremes.

  3. Adequate income. I don’t need to win the lottery (well, I do), but I want to earn enough to pay my bills. Just normal bills. Rent, utilities, groceries. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask.

  4. The world’s greatest psychiatrist. He/she would help all of us, whether it be medication or therapy. No copays and full coverage.

  5. A degree and a job that goes with it. Something that challenges me and keeps my brain in a joyous state.

  6. Grace. I need grace in my life daily and seem to be unable, lately, to find it. I want to see the beauty daily.

  7. To go back to Mass, weekly. I need to feel the love and comfort of Mass. I drifted away from Mass (not my faith) after Ladybug was born and I need that ritual in my life. All my kids are grown so I have no drive to teach CCD anymore, but I loved it for the 15 years I did it.

  8. Peace. I want to find the forgiveness that is in my heart and guide it into my mind.

  9. Someone to talk to. An adult. There are so many issues in my life and I need a partner I can discuss them with. Mr. Vixen is/was an awesome partner, but he has mental health issues that preclude my sharing a lot of stuff with him. I have no one else in my family who is trustworthy. I cannot put it on my children, as they are my children. Besides, some of them may be legally of the adult age, but that does not give them a lifetime of experience.

  10. Fun. I miss just having fun. I have learned to find fun in the negativity of our lives and that is great. However, I miss fun when we just laughed because it was funny not because if we didn’t laugh we would cry.

  11. Energy. Don’t know where it went…not sure how to get it back. Probably a combination of things, but I miss it.

  12. Love. Not for what I can do for you and what I might do for you, just unconditional love that is demonstrated without asking.

  13. Fresh ideas. In every day, every thought. In all aspects of my life.


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