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HEADS – Anything in the sky or space *OR* TAILS – Anything in or under the water

This week I had many ideas that came to mind for either, so I actually have to flip a coin. You hang here for a second, I will be right back…

Sorry that took so long, I couldn’t find a coin to flip and had to borrow one! The winner is….TAILS


This past February, luckily before I knew my life would be turned upside down by an insane chain of events, I had the trip of a lifetime. I got to go to Hawaii. My aunt lives there and she bought me a ticket for my birthday. She also noticed that flights were down to $99 one-way and so Fishboy bought a ticket for himself and Bear. Then my auntie felt bad that Mr. Vixen was going to be home alone, so she bought one for him. The four of us had the most wonderful and something we did twice was snorkling at Haunama Bay. We had a cheap disposable underwater camera so this pics don’t truly represent how lovely it was.

Then some very large barracuda moved in (seriously one of them was like five foot). We were ordered out of the water, but Fishboy didn’t notice them at first. It wasn’t until we got the film developed that he realized how close he was:

Then we were lucky enough to get a private visit to Gilligan’s Island (you have to know the caretaker to go there). Out there the sharks hang out in a POND IN FRONT OF THEIR HOUSE….YOU COULD TOUCH THEM IF YOU WERE INSANE ENOUGH TO LEAN OVER FAR ENOUGH. I took pictures of them under the water, while I stayed above