On a previous post I wrote Nannygoat’s response was

I just feel like I was ripped off. I have two beautiful children and both of them are destined to live difficult lives. Why would god do this to my family? I was so careful not to do a single thing wrong the entire pregnancy and this still happened. There are women out there that abuse drugs and alcohol during their pregnancy and still somehow manage to have perfectly healthy children (most of them don’t but a few do) and I just think, why…why are these things happening to my kids? Why do they have to happen to any kids, god?

My thoughts, as best I can explain them:

God didn’t do anything. He created mankind and all living beings and allowed all things free will (which to me means we and the world evolved into who/what we are now). Jesus came and taught us about God’s love for us and how we had choices in life, and about how to appeal to Him in our hour of need. Some of what happens to us in life (as infants or adults) is a combination of variables. Luck, a massive combining of two peoples’ genetic material, the growing of that material in changing and differing conditions all of which we have no control over. Nor does God assert control. He allows nature to take its course. Why? We don’t know. I know that with faith and prayer, he will sometimes intervene and create a miracle (or two). But maybe he allows nature to take its course because one persons burden is another’s gift? Would Helen Keller have accomplished all that she did if God had not allowed her to be born deaf and blind? Robert Jarvik wanted to be an architect, but because of the heart attack his father suffered he turned to medicine and developed the artificial heart. People like Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt, Vincent van Gogh, Charles Dickens, Ernest Hemingway, Sylvia Plath, Leo Tolstoy, Virginia Woolf, Patty Duke, Ludwig Beethoven, Wolfgang Mozart, Gioacchino Rossini, George Frederick Handel, who suffered from mental illnesses but who created great works. Maybe God allows these kinds of things because there is infinite opportunity for both of these girls to become/create/mother/cure/inspire something great in the world?

Thinking about writing this it sounded much clearer and sensible, but I am just not that great at putting it into words. What do you say, my internettys? I cannot answer Nannygoat, but can we comfort her?