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The other day I mentioned that someone had asked me what I wanted and what I needed. I have been thinking about it a lot and have come up with the following list (next week I will do the wants) of

Things Vixen Needs

  1. To register my car. It expired the end of October and I just know I am going to get pulled over.
  2. Brakes on my car. The emergency brake light comes on when I stop and if I have to hit the brakes hard it makes that awful grinding noise.
  3. A decent haircut and color. I got tired of my hair last week and hacked off the top…its frightening how uneven it is.
  4. A working toilet located within my humble abode.
  5. A decent night’s sleep.
  6. A pair of jeans. Without holes. That fit.
  7. A decent mattress (which would probably help with #5).
  8. More energy.
  9. An attitude adjustment. I am in a slump.
  10. Less stress.
  11. A crown on my tooth.
  12. Tinsel. My tree is tinsel-less and it looks sad.
  13. A second source of income (come on SSDI you are killing me here) to pay for the above items.

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