Shortly on the heels of the gem below and my self revelations from it, Nannygoat called. The day that Butterball was discharged from the hospital after her birth, she did not pass the infant hearing screening. I haven’t discussed this issue here at all because, truth be told, I had a gut feeling about it and didn’t want Nannygoat to worry. They don’t call it a test, they call it a screening and they don’t call it failing, the calling it not passing. The nurse apparently didn’t like that Butterball didn’t pass, so she repeated the screening five times, all with the same results. When Nannygoat followed up two days later, her pediatrician informed her what I had already researched: that only 10% of newborns who have a problem with the screening ever end up with any permanent problems, most commonly it is fluid in the canal. I am usually the most optomistic of people when it comes to these things, but I couldn’t shut up my gut. So instead, I shut up myself. Denial is a beautiful river.

In our world of modern medicine, lengthy red-tape, and insurance required referrals time passed as we tried to get her in. Finally, today, Butterball was tested. Not screened, but tested. The results showed she is deaf in one ear. Now there is a possibility that a hearing aide may help or even surgery could correct it; I am not giving in yet. We have another appointment on the 19th where I hope we will learn more. But Nannygoat took this very hard.

She said she hates it when people say Ladybug is lucky, that it could be worse. She said if Ladybug was really lucky she would be perfect. I have to disagree. They are all lucky. Genetics and such are just a roll of the dice. Sure the odds are in our favor, but they are just odds. God gave us free will and nature takes its course.

Now don’t get me wrong, I believe in miracles. In my belief, God allows life to “happen.” But He can and does intervene at times. I am lucky enough to have witnessed two such miracles in just the last few years. God also allowed man to become whatever we evolved into, including doctors and researchers and chemist and such. I have faith and we will get through this, as we have everything else. So we got a bad roll this turn, there is always another.