Hello all you random visitors and lovely T13ers. This weeks TT is and idea I saw at Lesley‘s some weeks ago (go say hi, she just shared a BIG secret for her TT. Congrats Lesley!)

The Idea is you enter your name into a search-engine, like Google, followed by the words chosen below. So for example, would enter “your name dreams” in the search box. So, if your name is Georgie, enter “Georgie dreams” and include the quotation marks. Lesley used: Dreams; hates; loves; travels; searches; wants; wishes; begs; refuses, watches, buys, eats, and writes. I am going to be totally unoriginal and try the same to see what I get.

  1. Dreams: The first night Vixen dreams she hears a key in the door and sees a figure watching her, only to discover the dream is a real-life nightmare…Whew, that scared me to death. Just kidding. My only nightmares are about my house burning down. Guess I could give that one up for now.
  2. Hates: Vixen hates remotes. I had never thought about that before, but I truly do. I hate that there are so damn many of them, I hate that I can’t get them to work 50% of the time, I hate when the batteries die, and I hate, hate, hate when I can’t find it.
  3. Loves: Vixen loves belly rubs and cuddles and gives lots of kisses. As a human, I imagine I don’t fully appreciate the belly rubs I have received; however, I am definitely a lover of cuddles and kisses.
  4. Travels: Vixen travels down a lonely, secluded path toward no where, hoping to find….I have traveled many lonely, secluded paths. What I find at the end is not usually what I am hoping for, but what I am needing.
  5. Searches: Vixen searches upstairs and is also murdered. Ah oh. Does this have anything to do with #1?
  6. Wants: Vixen wants everything done yesterday. How does the internet know me so well? That is freaky!
  7. Wishes: Vixen wishes she had sexy pants. I am not really into sexy pants. I really do want some pants, but more the comfy, relaxed, well-fitting kind.
  8. Begs: Vixen begs off saying she’s tired. That happens a lot lately. I think its my damned tooth keeping me down.
  9. Refuses: Vixen refuses to name that tune! “I can’t,” she insists. “If I did, then I’d have to kill you. HA HA. Frigga knows that isn’t true. I would have to kill whoever tried to stop me from playing Rockin With Frigga!
  10. Watches: That Vixen watches too much TV and has an active and fearful imagination. I do not watch too much TV! Hmmph! I do spend entirely too much time on the computer, but that is another story. I do have an active imagination and some people may be fearful of it, lol.
  11. Buys: I’d still like to know how Vixen buys the pellets….Ok, what kind of pellets? Because I have certain stores for certain pellets…
  12. Eats: We ALL learned that Vixen eats “crap” on a regular basis and that she sometimes DOESN’T clean her plate. What? I always clean my plate!
  13. Writes: Vixen writes in a rambling stream of consciousness style that reels you in. Not yet, but maybe someday soon.

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