Nononsense Girl tagged me with 7 Random and/or Weird Facts about Me and I remember she tagged me with a dancing story meme which I never completed. So I will give it a shot.

1. My best friend (from elementary school) ended up becoming my step-sister. Even stranger? My father married her mother and my mother married her father.

2. Her uncle married my aunt. What a tangled web we weave.

3. I love the smell of new tires. I could hang out in a tire warehouse and just sniff for hours.

4. I am a list maker and plan most things in advance ad nauseum; yet when I was a girl scout leader my co-leader called me She who flies by the seat of her pants because the day before every meeting when she asked what my plan was I always replied, “I am not sure. But I will think of something.”

5. In my early 20s, I had an addiction problem: I couldn’t begin the day without a Dr. Pepper. Now I can’t stand even the smell of Dr. Pepper.

6. I have very low blood pressure. Sometimes when I go for a check up it won’t read on the automatic reader. I claim zombie status.

7. My grandfather came into my room when I was 13 and told me everything was going to be alright. I wasn’t having any problems at the time, so I wasn’t sure what he was talking about; but he was so serious and earnest so I held that in my heart for the next 30 years. And he was right. Oh, did I mention that he had been dead for four years when that happened?

Now the rules:
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Oh the difficulties in tagging. It seems most people I read have already been tagged for this. It being NoBlaPosomething or other this month, I am hoping someone who reads me needs a filler post and will tag themselves!