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(my Heads Or Tails is below)

This post is beautiful, well-written and touching (and I am not just saying that because she is my baby). Go share 😉

Are you remembering to visit My 365 Project? Pictures, pictures, pictures. Oh and stories too.

I won a contest, but to be honest, I thought Jack Klugman was dead.

My husband is now sleeping with his head under the covers because he is afraid of me.

I must post this picture. It is simply the most adorable thing. I bet I could ask you for a million dollars and after gazing into Butterball’s Big Eyes there is no way you could refuse me.

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Edited to add: Now that you can’t resist my whims and are under the influence of those big eyes I have a question to the techies out there. Run over to my 365 project and tell HOW on earth did that font change on almost the entire page???????? I have the free wordpress so I can’t change CSS. Any Ideas? Great big thanks to Smarmoofus who helped me fix it! I can’t leave a comment on your website Smar (it won’t let me), but I really appreciate your help.