Wow, I just found the most amazing blog. I was visiting my dear, dear friend Wacky Mommy, when I clicked on a comment by Planet Nomad. She had a post about a blogger who is 108 years old. Yes, you heard me correctly, 108 years old!!!!

I am just getting started reading Olive’s Blob (she calls it a blob) but I haven’t gotten far because I can’t stop myself from also reading the 100s of comments she receives. I adore hearing stories about times gone past, I always have even as a child. But this is some amazing stuff. The oldest person I have been able to grill incessantly is my grandmother and she is only 84.

Is there a point to this? Yes. I am afraid that so much of our past has been boiled down into little tidbits of information, that real history, the story of how people lived and survived and communed with one another, has been lost. So I wanted to share this little gem. I am going to read it all, beginning to end, and share whatever I glean with the world around me. Who knows maybe it will make a difference.

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