Hi everyone! Hope you are having a great day! You are all so wonderful and sweet!

Have I buttered you up enough yet? Because I want something from you. Remember how the only lame thing I could come up with for my neighbors who lost their homes was cookies? Well the brilliant and talented Nannygoat came up with something even better. She was watching them bulldoze the house across the street from her and she thought, oh how sad they lost all their pictures. And then boom an idea hit her.

We are thinking we will go get a bunch of new photo albums and give them to them with a note kinda like this:

To our neighbors:
We commend your strength through this tough time. We wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. Here is a blank photo album, for you to start fresh.

Here’s to new memories and great times from here on out. Wishing you all the best.

The XXXXs,
Formerly at 17XXX.

Here is where you come in: This sounds like a great idea to me, but what do you think? Also can anyone who writes prettier prose than us help us with the note?

Thanks in advance!