So now I am back down in sunny smoky San Diego. Still not home and not thrilled with that. Nannygoat’s apartment survived although I can look out her balcony and everything on the other side of the street is black. The houses burned so hot, there aren’t even shells. Lots of ash here in the apartment, but we could not stay in a motel again. Monetarily and emotionally it just wasn’t going to work. We are not allowed into our home yet (which is still unburned) because the fires are still active around there. It was fun when the hill next to our hotel caught on fire day before yesterday, because I was really looking forward to evacuating again. Some of the kids were required to go to work even though they can’t go home yet (they are too young to have learned how to say HELL NO to their boss). So we split up the group. Me, Mr. Vixen, Bear and four dogs have come here to Nannygoat’s apartment with Lloyd and the babies. Macdougal, Funsize and Sparkles took two dogs and the cat to Sparkles apartment which opened back up this morning also. Fishboy and 3 geckos are at his father’s condo. Cousin It and his daughter are hanging out with us, but are getting a hotel room nearby for sleeping. We have a queen blow up mattress here, but the pump for it is at my house. How the coughing lot of us are going to blow it up by mouth is beyond me. The hotel beds were tiny and hard and I have barely slept because when I do fall asleep I keep having nightmares. I know I am overtired, because as I type this my eyes fill with tears for no good reason.

Right now, I am in the apartment alone with the grandbabies who are napping. Everyone else went to our old neighborhood (it opened up just after President Bush left…now I can go to Long’s and get my prescription and walk on the same ground as the President of the United States did just a few hours ago). I chose not to go because I am absolutely NOT ready to see our home of 10 years gone. And I am definitely not ready to see my friends and neighbors with their loss. I am not ready. Maybe I never will be. We shall see.

I just want to go home. I want the fires to stop burning. I want the skies to clear. I want to show you guys all my scary and freaky pictures. I want to relax and tell you all the funny stories that saved us from killing each other. I want to be normal again. I even miss work, how sad is that?

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. I do believe you all saved my house (and thus my sanity) when even the Terminator was rendered useless.