AT here in wet and dreary Tennessee, putting on a guest post for Vixen, who’s otherwise occupied…

The best way I can think of to do this is to pop in an email she sent me:

“My Dad (up in SanFran) woke me up this morning to say he had found the phone number for the fire dept on our street and our home is still there. He called back at 10am and they said we can’t go home yet, but our house does not appear to be in danger. But they can’t open it up to us because they need to keep the roads clear for their equipment. So another night here in the Motel 8.

Because I live such a charmed life, it appears a fire has started up here where I came to escape (Temecula) so now it is getting smoky here. So I left the hotel alone to find a Starbucks with some dam wifi. Someday you will have to tell me if there is something I can buy to put in my laptop during times like this that can hook me up to the WWW. My daughters phone/pda does is but it is hard to type on that little thing. Ok, some lady just came in and said there is a fire right down the road, so I am going back to the room to make sure everyone is ok.

I was hoping to post something on my blog so other aren’t too worried, but looks like I better not take the time right now.”

Thats about it. I’m not sure what to add to this, other than to say that a lot of people are praying and thinking about you right now, Vixen, and I hope everything works out. Hell, Schwarzenegger declared a state of emergency, so surely he’ll be able to singlehandedly blow out the fire or something like that, so hopefully everything will be ok soon.

And I bet Vixen will regret giving me her password before too long…