This morning at 3:30 an 11th fire started just east of us. Then around 7:30 it jumped the main road in town and headed for us. I heard the people up the hill making noise like packing and ran out to the road when they came down. Although we had not received the 911 reverse call they had. It was time to go. I woke all the kids up and packed and went. There is only one road to the highway. It was slow going but we got out. Then one of the fires north of us that was east of the highway jumped back west (with the freeway in the middle). We followed the police car and drove THROUGH it. Probably 600 cars I am guessing. We are in a Motel 6 north of the fires. It is hot here. The kids are really stressed as are the animals (five dogs, one bird and two lizards). Ladybug had a little mini seizure, probably from all the stress and heat in the car.

Worst of all, looking back south and listening to the news….It doesn’t sound good. I am afraid we may have lost our house and all our belongings. I am scared to death.