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Thirteen places Vixen has gone camping with her kids

  1. Smith and Morehouse, Utah – Many times. One of those times the entire neighborhood/cul-de-sac came and it was a blast!
  2. Flaming Gorge, Utah – Too many times to count. One of my favorite places ever. Beauty and excellent fishing.
  3. Stanley, Idaho on the Salmon River, Sawtooth National Forest – Every summer for 15 years. The place of summer vacations. I would live there in a heartbeat.
  4. Mirror Lake, High Uintah, Utah – One of our weekend escapes. Hop in the truck on Friday night, fly up through Wyoming and boom: good times and ultimate escape.
  5. South Fork Weber River, Utah – A quickie. Only 20 minutes from home and the best and easiest trout fishing.
  6. Weber Canyon, Utah – Another quickie. About 35 minutes, great fishing and only a few minutes to Pineview Reservoir to take the kids swimming.
  7. Yellowstone National Park – My honeymoon was there. We also had a “family reunion/camping week” there. Awesome scenery.
  8. Yosemite National Park – My most favorite place ever. Went there twice a year as a child. The place I ran away too, when I was 16.
  9. Jackson Hole, Wyoming – Went to a Mountainman Rendezvous there and rafted down the river.
  10. Imperial Sand Dunes, CA – Great motorcycle riding and four wheeling. And discovery that the hospital in Yuma sucks. Sometime this week I will go look up my “Things We Learned In The Desert” and post it. Funny now. At the time…not so funny.
  11. Corral Canyon, CA – Many weekends spent motorcycle riding. Great fun. And a learning experience for the kids (The ranger taught them to never to go away from camp in the dark alone, and if they were surprised in the night by someone running through the bushes how to yell “La Migra!” A Park Ranger, not me!)
  12. Big Blackfoot River, Montana – I planned an entire two week vacation there. After reading and then watching the movie of A River Runs Through It. My second favorite movie of all time. I live for trout fishing (river) and after that movie I HAD to go. It was beautiful, but when we got there and talked to the Park Ranger, it turned out that although the book was based there, Robert Redford (director) had decided it didn’t look raw enough and it was filmed 700 miles east. Since we had just driven 900 miles, I skipped going on to where it was filmed. Still a beautiful place.
  13. Salt Flats, Utah – There my youngest was convinced by the older kids to kick cow patties and one flipped up landed on her head (funny) and oldest had her first motorcycle accident, taking the handlebars in her ribs (not funny).

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