I was visiting Skittles today and found out that on Tuesday’s they play a game called Head’s or Tails. I don’t know if I will play every week, but I felt like it tonight (at least until Heroes comes on, then I am so outta here folks and will finish in the morning).

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“Ten Things You Won’t Hear Me Say.”


  1. Yes, Ladybug, you should put that pea up your nose.
  2. Hey Lloyd, no one has stolen the blacklight bulb off my porch yet.
  3. I make more money than I really need.
  4. Yes, Bear, we can go clothes shopping.
  5. That rent check is totally good (but I think it every month).
  6. I know my blood sugar can go higher than 347, I am just not trying hard enough.
  7. No, I don’t want to watch Heroes.
  8. I don’t care if my toilet ever works again.
  9. I never want to go on vacation again.
  10. I think my next second job should be as an exotic dancer.