Thirteen Reasons I Am Glad I Started To Blog (lovely TT banner courtesy of Bohorap)


What amazing timing that today would be my 150th post (fully aware I missed the traditional 100th post celebration, na na na I can’t hear you through the fingers in my ears). When I counted up my posts yesterday, I almost fainted when yesterday’s WW came up to be 149! So I knew I would have to make this one special. I doubt I will succeed, but I will honestly give it a shot. (If I get to 9 and it just ends, forgive me?)


1. It is probably pretty common for people to say “ooooh, I have made so many friends online”, but it is true. I have made some really good friends. People that I may not have ever been able to cultivate a relationship with in the regular world.

2. Expanding on that previous thought, I hear ideas, thoughts and positions while reading blogs that I may never have ever been exposed to without my blog world. I have learned more new and different things in the last year, than all of my school years combined.

3. I am more open and sharing than I have been in years. I don’t know why this arena brought out the old less cynical me, but it did.

4. I have always been a journaling kind of girl, I love writing (not writing as in author, just writing to write). But writing your thoughts and feelings feels great at the moment, but looses some of its shine after time. Being able to journal and get feedback I have found is so much more rewarding.

5. I have relearned that people are inherently good. And that community is an awesome thing. The emotional connection and support would be enough, but I have also received help with everything from flea control to recipes.

6. I live a very narrow and sheltered life, due to my lifestyle (kids, working, etc.) and I had felt cut off from altruism. I was no longer a girl scout leader or a catechism teacher and I felt like I needed to do charity. Blogging found me outlets for this.

7. I found there are other people out there who think like me. It is hard in the real world to find people who are just like you. You can go to church, but even there you have a limited field of opportunities. In the blog world you expand your opportunities 100 times and find lots of people living, believing and thinking just like you.

8. I love to share. Pictures, thoughts, poetry. And by share I mean I give and I receive. I like that I can peak into others thoughts and I love sharing mine.

9. Starting this blog spurred me into starting a family blog. Now all my family, some of whom had difficulty downloading and viewing stuff I sent to them, can go everyday to see what is going on in all our lives (its not this site, lol).

10. The enjoyment of this blog led me to more reading/surfing of the internet, which in turn led me to the 365 Project. Which got me started on my own 365 Project. This is really awesome to me. It allows me to do something just about myself and watch how things change for me during an entire year. It is very much like a journal, but because I made it public I am more inclined to keep it up. I like the pressure. (Reminder go there now and check it out!)

11. Laughing. I laugh so much more since I started this venture. Sometimes because of comments to my poses and sometimes reading the entries of some very talented and funny writers who I have found.

12. Comfort. This touches again on what I have listed above, but I can’t even explain the comfort I have received during trying times. To know that people are thinking of or praying for us in our times of need is amazing. Not just people’s thoughts but their input. To me knowledge is power. And when I feel powerless you all lift me up with comfort and knowledge.

13. Now I could have come up with another great one. However, Mr. Vixen insisted I be totally truthful. So, here it goes: This blog gave me something to do while Mr. Vixen, Macdougal and Fishboy played Battlefield 2. Apparently, (although I don’t remember this at all because I can’t remember a time before blogs) I may have resented their time playing together online with each other while I stared at the tv.

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