Wow, did my team suck today. Well the defense was awesome, but it doesn’t do much good if the offense forgets to show up for the game. Today Bear went to visit her horse, Apache. She didn’t ride though. Apparently, she and the trainer decided that she had an “affinity” with the trainer’s horse (who NO ONE can ride because it is a retired Thoroughbred race horse) and she should ride Rio. Apparently Rio and Bear got along so well, that Bear did her first JUMPS today. Truly amazing, since after $600 and three months of effort she had only trotted a few times. Now she cares for, practices with, trots and canters. And as of today she rides “unride-able, but by one” thoroughbreds and jumps! In three weeks! She has a natural ability and a lovely seat. To see her on that long-legged thoroughbred with her tall, thin frame is beauty in motion.

On a sadder note my beloved first chihuahua Don Juan who has been bitten by a six foot Southern Pacific rattlesnake (saving my 7 year old) yet survived and brutally ravaged by a coyote last year (barely surviving with a punctured lung, three broken ribs, and a gash so large in his neck that they had to put a giant drain in it for weeks) seems extremely ill this evening. He is very subdued, won’t eat, and seems to be struggling to breath. He turned down salami for hecks sake. He was fine this morning and I don’t know what to think. It could be a respiratory infection or….who knows. I do know that I don’t have a dime to spare, I don’t have dimes to feed us. I so wish that Mr. Vixen’s state disability had not so suddenly ended and that it will take months to get his permanent disability approved. Why do these things always happen on a Sunday, four mere days before I get paid??????