I know I should not be up this late, so it is probably my own damn fault. But hell, its cold outside. We had a very wonderful day at Nate’s Butt Farm Bate’s Nut Farm. Picking out pumpkins and all. Really great weather. It is a tradition (albeit only 9 years old, but still) and most times it is too warm, but today was perfect. Which is probably why tonight is so freaking cold. Excuse me, but this is SoCal….it is not right. And all you cold weather peeps, I understand your rebuffs as I spent 18 years in Utah with snow and all. But I moved here for the warmth and temperate weather. Then I moved just 25 miles into the country. Who can discount that cities are warmer with this:


That is right…its 45 degrees!!!!!!!!!! And just to remind you all………..I not only do not have a toilet, but I have no heat.

Send warmth, asap. TYVM!