Thirteen Reasons I Love Ladybug

1. A doctor once told me and her mom that if we wanted to take her off life support and let her go, he would support us in that decision.
2. I never would have gotten the joy of living for 15 days in a Ronald McDonald House without her (sarcasm noted).
3. She is a fighter. Things have never been easy for her and she just keeps fighting. And she is only 2 Β½ years old.
4. She restored my faith in prayer, God and miracles.
5. When she fell out off her crib (trying to climb out!) the other night and gave herself a bloody nose, the only thing that would calm her down was a phone call to Gama.
6. In spite of the fact that I failed to answer the above phone call, she left me a big long voice mail about how she fell out of bed and got an ouchy and that she loved me.
7. Her trials and tribulations have brought my family even closer together than I thought possible, since we were already the tightest-knit family evah.
8. Boy is she lovely. I know, I know, you think I am too close to judge honestly, but I am not and she is lovely.
9. She is so animated. I had three kids, so I know this is an animated age. But really, she is fun. Energetic should have a picture of her next to it in the dictionary.
10. Her first word was Momma. Her second word was Gama. Her third was Dada. I love that, lol.
11. Her smile is to die for. When she smiles it really does light up the room. In fact, the world
12. The extreme joy in simple things she ignites in me. Once again, I know tots show much more joy in simple things, but she really enjoys little things like bubbles and trampolines. Maybe because she sees things differently with her “special” brain, but she seems to find much more joy in life than anyone I know.
13. OH my OH my. I was writing this and didn’t have a 13. I was struggling and took a break. It is now 8:05 at night and the most amazing thing just happened. First, a little back story: The reason we call her Ladybug isn’t just because she needed a super-secret internet name. What happened was this: On day three of our stay at the Ronald McDonald House when things were bleak, I went out onto the patio of our room to have a smoke. I was at a very low spot and Nannygoat came out to find me weeping quietly so as not to be caught. I was trying so hard to be strong for her. We sat there for a moment, next to the freeway with the cars zooming by, the noise annoying and the smell obnoxious. As I sat there trying to hide my tears a lovely ladybug flew up and landed on me knee. I seized upon the distraction, just to avoid showing how I was really feeling and launched into some big, drawn out epiphany to Nannygoat about how God had sent this bug it show us beauty and love and hope and now the baby would always be my Ladybug. Fast forward to this last week. I visited a new blog on my TT travels last week and found some really awesome fall/Halloween TT banners on this site. Much to my surprise, Cindi, whom I have never visited before made me a personal header for my TTs (see above). Now isn’t it the sweetest things EVER that she, a new visitor to my blog, would pick ladybugs as my theme? I so, so loved it I decided I wanted to use it this very week and to keep the theme I would write about Ladybug. So back to the future….I was sitting here struggling to come up with something that sounds good for my 13th reason I love her. Now I can come up with 113, but I wanted something that sounded semi-witty and well written. So the computer is set aside and my youngest daughter, Bear, walks up and squeals…..”Oh Mommy look” and reaches up (at 8pm in the dark, mind you) and grabs a ladybug from the side of the porch. She sets it on my hand and the lovely, little beastie hangs out for 10 minutes before she alights into the night. Perfect, really perfect. I love you God. Thanks for my Ladybug.

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