Thirteen Things Reasons You Should Visit My 365 Project

  1. I want you to. I want it in a way that is crazy and unnatural. I find that very fascinating.
  2. I am interesting. I admit my story is unfolding slowly, but it is still interesting.
  3. I am starting to take better and better pictures. I love my new camera and I am having a blast discovering how to use it to express my creativity. You want to see fun photography, you know you do.
  4. My family is frustrating and different.
  5. I have never been shy and this is like sharing my journal with everyone I know or don’t know.
  6. You can influence someone you have never met. You can post comments and share your wisdom and stories.
  7. The world is getting big and scary. This little (ha ha) blog world is a way for us all to connect and become a type of community that could help make the world a better place.
  8. It allows the voyeur in you to investigate someone elses life without guilt.
  9. It is fun. It is sad. It is frustrating. It is love. It is fleeting. It is stability. It is real.
  10. I want to be rich and famous. You reading my 365 Project won’t help that, but I just wanted to put it that notion out to the universe.
  11. You pity me. You read this stuff and you say to yourself…”she really needs complete strangers to validate her own life?”. Yes, I do. So throw me a pity party in the comment section for the next 365 days. You are all nice life that.
  12. What else do you have to do? Seriously, you don’t have a life outside the internet do you? I can help you kill more time on here and I will make the popcorn.
  13. If you don’t visit, I might get distracted and spend too much time watching senseless television shows, eating bon bons, raising my blood suger and getting fat. Then I might get sick and die. The end.

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