1. He can’t possibly be turning 21. I remember the day before yesterday on a lovely fall day after nine months of torturous summer pregnancy complicated by gestational diabetes and three days of ‘left side only’ bed rest, I gave birth to the most adorable boy on the planet. He grew a little, to about 4 (as pictured above). After that I had him frozen.
  2. He weighed 9 lb 12 oz, in spite of the fact that the OB kept saying “Oh I think its all water.”
  3. His nickname was Bubba Baby Boy and he had a baby belly laugh so huge it could have filled the Atlantic Ocean.
  4. His big sister adored him immediately upon site. She never had a better toy or a better best friend. Still does to this day.
  5. Later his younger sister decided the moon and the stars and the sun all set and rose in him, and she still does too. She had the best protector on the face of the planet.
  6. As a baby he looked so much like his uncle, that when I showed my mother in law his baby picture she thought it was her son.
  7. He grew into the most handsome combination of both his parents. Personality wise, he seemed to have garnered the best of us.
  8. He grew up to be one of the most sensitive and loving human beings I have ever met in my life. He is going to make some woman (Funsize you lucky girl) an excellent husband. He is a watcher and a thinker, who gathers information like a forensic scientist and then applies it as appropriate.
  9. He is smart and witty and funny.
  10. He is intelligent too. He challenges me daily with his thoughts and ideas. We can have knock-down, drag out discussions/debates on the weightiest issues and when its over….it’s over. Intellectual discussion do not get held against you ever.
  11. He always respects his parents. He respects his Dad so much that he was 16 before I could convince him that his Dad was not able to “fix anything, no matter what was wrong with it.”
  12. He is the epitome of a good Irish son….as in he knows his Mom is always right and rules the world. His devotion to our family brings joyous tears to my eyes.
  13. He is the only male of the three reasons God put me on this earth. He is one of the three reasons I feel accomplished and loved and good at something.

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