Thirteen Things I AM GRATEFUL FOR

  1. My best freind, soulmate and loving partner in marriage for 25 years; Mr. Vixen
  2. My three loving, caring, spirited, gifted children; Nannygoat, Macdougal, and Bear.
  3. My two beautiful grandchildren; Ladybug and Butterball.
  4. The wonderful people my kids brought into my life: Lloyd, Funsize, Fishboy, Sparkles and Midget.
  5. Cooler weather (seriously, I thought I might die this past weekend).
  6. Freinds, all of them.
  7. Puppy dogs: Both those with me now and the ones that have shared my life.
  8. Two sets of loving parents (I got double the pleasure and double the fun).
  9. My grandmother; simply the greatest woman on earth and a grand example of who I want to be.
  10. Hugs.
  11. Kisses.
  12. Moments of peace.
  13. Being loved.

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