Thirteen Reasons I actually like living in a tiny RV mini cabin (399 sq feet) vs. my old abode of 2,400 sq feet

  1. In the RV mini cabin no matter where we are we can either hear or see each other (even going deaf people).
  2. In the RV mini cabin it only takes 15 minutes to deep clean the entire place.
  3. In the RV mini cabin when I turn on the stereo, I can hear it everywhere.
  4. In the RV mini cabin there are a lot less places to lose things.
  5. In the RV mini cabin the flies stand no chance…there is no where to run and no where to hide from Mr. Vixen’s fly swatter of doom.
  6. Because of the RV mini cabin I spend more time outside and am in better shape than I have been in 15 years.
  7. In the RV mini cabin the pool table and the kids are in different buildings, so its very quiet at night and I sleep much better without interruptions (Old days: Mr. Vixen says “Did you just hear the pool table drop? Me: “Yes and its freakin’ 2am!).
  8. In the RV mini cabin we can see the dogs everywhere….no chances to sneak off and do their duty inside, leaving us to find it in later when we don’t know which of the 5 to blame.
  9. In the RV mini cabin we have a gas stove that takes propane….now we spend $12 a month on gas. At the old house it was $112.
  10. In the RV mini cabin we don’t have room to set up the super game computer and so I don’t have to listen to Battlefield2 24/7.
  11. In the RV mini cabin we are on wheels (albeit without full air) so if the big Cali earthquake hits, we probably won’t notice.
  12. In the RV mini cabin if there was a flood, it would have to get four feet deep before we would know.
  13. In the RV mini cabin I can watch TV from the porch couch and for a smoker, it doesn’t get much better than that.

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