Dear Asshole,

It is a double yellow line for a reason. It means no passing. There is no passing on that road because there is not enough room on the small, twisty two lane country road for three cars. Obviously there was not room for my mini-van as I had to drive off the road at the last moment so that you wouldn’t hit me. You were a big white truck, passing another big white truck, and it just wasn’t going to work. When you realized you were not going to make it you sped up! Brilliant. I locked up the brakes as best I could, I really didn’t have anywhere to go, what with the tiny mountain road and all. And the guy you were trying to pass? You can both rot in hell together. I know he didn’t want to let you in because he sped up also. Apparently neither of you cared for our lives. Go die on your own time without taking any innocent people with you. Bad enough you made me have to sit there and cry with fear (I could only go about 18″ off the road without going off the cliff, so you only missed me by 12 inches or so), BUT you made my 16 year old baby girl CRY. No one makes my babies cry. If they do, they pay. I am still freaking tearing up, DAM YOU. If you hadn’t been going 50 mph and heading straight for me, I might have gotten your license plate. When karma bites you in the ass, I hope there are no innocents around.