I am Ladybug. I was am the center of Grama’s unviverse. This morning a very strange thing happened. When I woke up, my Mom and Dad weren’t there. Only Uncle Macdougal and Auntie Funsize were there. My mommy and dada have never left me. My grama says once they went to a movie, but I was only a little baby and I don’t remember it. It was okay though because Auntie Funsize chased me around for hours and we all had fun. I got very tired and went down for a nap finally. Just 20 minutes into my nap, Uncle Macdougal woke me up and put me in the car again. I cried all the way. Then I got to see my mommy and daddy, so I was happy again. Then Daddy brought out this baby. I said “Momma, Dada, Baby” over and over. I knew it was mine. I hugged and kissed it.


Then Grama, Papa, Great Grama, Great Papa, Uncle Macdougal, Auntie Funsize and Auntie Bear took me to Chili’s for dinner. On the way I decided I wanted to talk about this baby thing again.

First I ate a french fry so I would have the strength to relive it:


Then I told Grama about how Uncle Macdougal woke me up and I finally found Mommy and Daddy who had been missing all day:


And then Daddy showed me the baby and I was happy because now I can jump on Momma’s belly again:


And Grama said did I like the new baby and I said sure, for now, I think. But you still love me best right?


And then I told Grama about how the baby cries. When the baby cries I get sad because I don’t know what to do. So I make this face until someone makes the baby stop:


Then I went home and slept for 12 hours. Having babies is exhausting.