Thirteen Things About Why JumpingBean Should Be Born Today

  1. Today is Nannygoats induction date. Seems cruel to put her through all that pain and not get a baby out of it.
  2. When JumpingBean grows up to be a great blogger, she can say she was born on Thursday Thirteen.
  3. I need to hold a baby. They are soft, cuddly and smell good.
  4. My mom flew in last night. It would be a shame to have spent money on a plane ticket and have to go home without doing #3.
  5. The rocking chair has been showing signs of withdrawal.
  6. I need a reason to cry happy tears. Happy tears are good for the complexion.
  7. Everyone will be soooo engrossed with the new baby that I will get the first one all to myself for a while.
  8. I have enough to worry about with Ladybug. I need this birth to be over so I can sleep better at night and stop worrying something will go wrong. Lack of sleep is bad for the complexion.
  9. Tiny pink onesies…’nuff said.
  10. I wrote this post on Tuesday, because I would be busy on Thursday. No one wants to waste that kind of planning.
  11. If I get one more IM that says “GET IT OUT” at work, I will have to quit my job.
  12. I took the day off work and had to be at the hospital at 6AM (that is AM people, as in morning!)
  13. I love newborns! Did I mention they smell good?

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